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The New Perspectives family is excited to announce the launch of Happiness Advocates!

Are you tired of the Culture of Fear? Ready to take a stand against the naysayers, newscasters, and Debbie Downers? If you want to change the world, change lives, or just change your life, all you need is HAPPINESS.

Why advocate happiness?

Because, quite simply, happiness is a win-win situation. Beyond religion or politics, it's a cause everyone can benefit from and rally behind. Plus, it's worth pursuing - - the Founding Fathers said so.

How do I become a Happiness Advocate?

If you're reading this you probably already are one. But - - own your own awesomeness. Defeat fear at every turn. Prioritize positivity. Kill zombies with kindness and fight fire with flowers. Smile. Hug. Celebrate. High-five. Share. Play nice. And be sure to read "Happiness Advocacy, Or How Positive Psychology Will Save Us from Zombies" (A Manifesto by Annie Passanisi)