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This is my favorite section because it changes all the time.

Whether it's ideas for reducing stress at work, suggestions for things I think you'll enjoy, musings on things that capture my attention, or photos from our latest gig- I hope you'll check back frequently.

We Can Beat the Culture of Fear and Get Back to Being Happy [more]
Kathy & Annie Speaking Together !!!
Check out the videos- Twice the fun! www.myPPK.com/get/Spark [more]
International Leadership Conference
Sigma Alpha Epsilon [more]
Independent Education Consultants Assn.
Guess Who Their Favorite Speaker Is? [more]
Chicagoland Enrichment Event
Temple Chai - Long Grove, Illinois [more]
University of California - Davis
She's baaaack -- and this time with Annie. [more]
OPRA Wants Me?
Ohio Parks and Recreation Association [more]
Raytheon Combat Systems
Incredible [more]
If You Are Serious About Humor
Don't Miss This Conference April 7-10, 2011 [more]
Zombies Invade ChangeThis.com
Annie's Manifesto Selected for Publication [more]
My Neighbor Won A Million Bucks [more]
Cleveland Clinic - Woohoo!
Repeat visit to Speaking of Women's Health [more]
The Positive Psychology Center
The Science of Happiness [more]
Humor, Health, and Happiness: A Laughing Matter
The 24th Annual AATH Conference [more]
Join the Ease Epidemic!
I'm Contagious.com - Our newest venture [more]
Join the Ease Epidemic!
I'm Contagious -And That's a Good Thing- Get Involved www.imcontagious.com [more]
Atlanta In the Springtime
S.I.S. at the Ritz [more]
Gifting: Pleasures of a Little Give and Take
(Free Article) Category: Life Balance [more]
The Art Of A Well-Crafted Apology
(Free Article) Category: Life Balance/Wellness [more]
"Thirst" For Knowledge:
Are You Knowledgeable About Thirst? (Free Article) Category: Wellness [more]
Little Missed Manners
Or, Did the Electronic Age Kill Etiquette (Free Article) Category: Life Balance/Stress Management [more]
Recession To Recovery
Seven Tips For Finding Calm Amid the Chaos (Free Article) Category: Stress Management/Wellness [more]
The Fido Factor
Balanced Benefits from 4-Legged Best Friends (Free Article) Category: Wellness/ Life Balance [more]
Forgiveness Foes
Three Things Standing Between You and a Healed Heart (Free Article) Category: Life Balance/ Stress Management [more]
The Journal of Nursing Jocularity
Laughter Is the Best Medicine-Especially for Nurses [more]
Laughter Is the Best Medicine-Especially for Nurses
Necessary Pain
How to Cope with Emotional Teething and Come Out Smiling (Free Article) Categories: Life Balance, Stress Management [more]
The Gift (and Guilt) of Gab
A Two-Pronged Look at Two-Faced Talk (Free Article) Category: Women's Health [more]
Embracing Your Inner Brat
Four Life-Transforming Tips from the "Terrible Twos" (Free Article) Categories: Life Balance, Stress Management [more]
Booze-Free Bliss
Taking Happy Hour Beyond the Bar (Free Article) Topics: Life Balance, Wellness, Stress Management [more]
Life Supplies
Lessons From the Classroom of Life (Free Article) Categories: Work Life Balance / Stress Management [more]
Well Read
Feed Your Mind, Enrich Your Life Through Reading (Free Article) Category: Life Balance [more]
Two-Wheeled Wonders
Improve Health and Happiness--On a Bike! (free article) Wellness, Work/Life Balance, Stress Management [more]
Not Just For Grannies
How Hobbies Can Improve Your Life at Any Age! (free article) topic: Wellness, Work Life Balance [more]
Crossing Un-Crossable T's
Using Life Balance to Overcome Writer's Block (free article) topic: Life Balance, Creativity [more]
Bosom Buddies: The Role of Balance in Friendship
(free article) Topic Category: Life Balance / Women's Health / Stress Management [more]
Hardly A Holiday
Or, How Shrinking Vacations are Ruining Work/Play Balance (free article) topic: Work/Life Balance [more]
An Onion a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
The Wellness-Boosting Effects of Veggies (Free Article) Category:Wellness [more]
Sweatin' in Small Shorts -- and They're All Small Shorts
Boost your workout in an easy, stress-free way! (Free Article) Category:Wellness [more]
Laughter and Humor Will Change Your Life. (Free Article) Category:Value of Humor / Therapeutic Humor [more]
The Doctor is In (and Out)
De-stress Your Next Visit, Despite the Paper Gown (Free Article) Category:Wellness [more]
Subtracting Fear by Adding Gratitude
A Key to Happiness (Free Article) Category: Life Balance [more]
Defending FaceBook
A Generation Y Response to Internet-Based Parental Paranoia (Free Article) Category:Sandwich Generation [more]
Be Your Own Valentine
Get a Heart-smart Head Start (Free Article) Category: Wellness [more]
His and Hers?
Debunking the Gender Bias of Disorder and Disease (Free Article) Category: Wellness [more]
Boost Your Benefits - Add Humor to Your Health Plan
Laughter is great medicine - especially at work. (Free Article) Category:Value of Humor / Therapeutic Humor [more]
Changing Your Mental Channel
How Television and Movies Affect Your Mind, Mood, and Health (Free Article) Category:Life Balance/Wellness [more]
Humor and Health (AATH)
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor [more]
Once Again, Laughter Proves To Be Good Medicine
University of Maryland Research Report (Category: Value of Humor / Therapeutic Humor) [more]