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Associations and Corporations

Kathy's message can be tailored to groups from myriad industries. Below are some comments she has received from professionals in many of these industries that have attended her presentations.


"Kathleen's presentation on Humor in the Workplace. . . was evaluated by the attending executives to be one of the best presentations ever given at Bausch & Lomb."

Clay Osborn
Director - Strategic Staffing & Diversity
Bausch & Lomb

"As you are aware, our current work environment is very challenging due to our business downturn and the resultant necessity of workforce reductions. You did a wonderful job of speaking openly and frankly about these types of sensitive subjects, but in a manner that was respectful and to say the least, very humorous."

Todd Zarfos
Airplane Systems
The Boeing Company

"I have already seen dramatic changes in the way we work, think and act as the direct result of learnings from Kathleen. Our communications have remarkable improved from the 'license' we all acquired by hearing the wonderful message wrapped in humor!"

Dick Watanabe
Emergent Manufacturing
The Boeing Company

"The information you provided will help us do more than just survive the ever-changing environment that we work in today. It will help us to better understand and enjoy our work and the people we work with. It will also allow us to be more creative and productive employees. I can't thank you enough for all you've done."

Stan Brower
Southwestern Bell

"Planning meetings can prove a very challenging task. When your keynote speaker does as well as you did, everyone looks good."

Jeffery Maples
V.P. Marketing
Educational Employees Credit Union

"Your message is particularly important to us in public service during this high stress period of profound change. As program chairman I hoped that you would deliver an upbeat humorous program at mid-conference to help the audience maintain their momentum. You delivered beyond expectation and had the audience with you from start to finish while you presented a thought-provoking message. I, of course, have been very pleased to take credit for having 'discovered you'."

Ralph Bowser
International Personnel Mgt. Association

"My most difficult task in trying to write this letter is putting down words of praise equal to the level of your program. Your presentation was one of the best the organization has ever heard. From the thank you notes I've received for hosting the conference, you've made me a legend in program planning."

F. Arlene Hogue
St. Charles Chamber of Commerce

"I know it was a different environment for you; however, I felt the place was filled with 'holy humor' in the most general sense. I am quite sure that Our Lord was chuckling to Himself that we could find such a creative and healthy way to use His Sacred Space."

Mary Boedecker
Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

"Kathleen turned what was an excellent but demanding week, into an outstanding experience for all the attendees. More importantly were the comments made by several attendees that Kathleen helped them see a different perspective on how to approach their personal and professional lives."

Juan Marcos
McDonald's Corporation

"All day people have been sharing with me how they have already put something they learned to use with either their children or someone in the office. Thanks so much for showing us how to see our stressful situations from a truly NEW PERSPECTIVE."

Sue Chenault
SWB Yellow Pages

"I identified with her message. I had been totally stressed. Now I feel refreshed. On a scale of 1 to 10-Kathy is a 500!"

Audience Member
Southwestern Bell

"Your generosity made it possible for us to experience a philosophy that will carry us through this disaster."

Kathy Hahn
Flood Relief Services
Four County Mental Health Services

"From the very beginning, Kathleen and her staff were extremely cooperative and helpful with putting together our plan. They eagerly worked with our coordinator and even suggested opportunities to save on expenses."

Dick Watanabe
Emergent Manufacturing
The Boeing Company

"The success of this program has brought new vitality to our organization."

Meeting Planner
American Society of Interior Design

"For our 'mixed bag' of scientists/engineers/entrepreneurs, the technical, hard business topics have traditionally been the most popular, almost to the exclusion of all other subjects. However, these audience comments—'very applicable and of immediate value,' 'appropriate topic for today's work environment,' and 'another current topic for improving our business behavior and skills'—reflect your success in presenting humor as a powerful, tangible, tool to be used in everyday business."

Joseph O'Neil
Association of Independent Scientific, Engineering, and Testing Firms

"Your presentation was meaningful, powerful, useful and most of all enjoyable. As just one example of the direct impact of your presentation, we're planning to do more 'dancing in the end zone'."

John Jacobs
Executive VP and Chief Communications Officer
Anheuser Busch

"We were also impressed by the time and effort you invested in acquainting yourself with our company, our culture and the audience. This was apparent in your delivery, as you were mindful to involve the audience and acknowledge our broad background."

Kristine Schmidt
Director, Diversity
Anheuser Busch

"It was truly impressive that she found a way to tailor her message directly to our organization-and to make the important insights of each point she presented meaningful in the context of our mission, and of most relevant and pressing goals, and even of remarks made our meeting earlier in the day."

Lynette Butler
Intermountain Healthcare

"You were the perfect speaker to begin our conference. We received only rave reviews from our staff, clients and exhibitors . . . it was a big home run!"

J.T. Gillette
Plexis Healthcare Systems

"With your help in writing customized text to promote your presentation, attendees were very excited to hear about adding joy and laughter to what they deem a tough industry - tourism. . . You were unanimously and far and away the speaker favorite."

Monica Brooks
Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
Audience Reception

"I was overjoyed to watch the audience and see that you had them hook, line and sinker; they laughed until they cried; they nodded in recognition of what you said; they knew you were speaking to them."

Ebe Bower
Clearwater Florida Regional Chamber of Commerce

"A month after the event, our managers are still talking about Kathleen Passanisi. You did a fantastic job of connecting with our team, raising important issues and making us laugh along the way."

Doug Carroll
EMC (Environmental Management Corp)