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Managing Change by Changing Your Tune

Orchestrating Success

Audience: can be modified for health care, corporate, women, association

Survival requires the ability to embrace change - for businesses and individuals.

We live in a time of unprecedented change. All of us have to deal with it. Most dread it. Many resist it. This poses big problems for businesses facing stiff competition in a global economy, rapidly advancing technology, and a shrinking workforce. On the home front, workers may be coping with health, financial or relationship issues. In spite of so much change, few know how to handle it, much less make the most of it.

Change is filled with possibilities if you have the right perspective.

MANAGING CHANGE BY CHANGING YOUR TUNE is a high energy, upbeat program designed to help people not only face, but embrace, change. Using music as a metaphor for self-talk, Kathleen Passanisi leads participants through an entertaining process of identifying their deepest feelings about change. Attendees will learn to:

  • recognize which of the predictable stages of change they are experiencing
  • develop an awareness of self-talk patterns
  • understand the power of perception in self-efficacy
  • identify the most powerful motivators that unleash energy
  • harness the power of vision in creating positive change
  • compose "mental music" consistent with positive outcomes

Supercharge performance, resiliency and creativity.

MANAGING CHANGE BY CHANGING YOUR TUNE resonates with anyone seeking to live in harmony with change.

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Managing Change by Changing Your Tune

Managing Change by Changing Your Tune Feedback:

It was a privilege to have you return for your third year and present MANAGING CHANGE BY CHANGING YOUR TUNE. A total of 957 employees attended one of the six days you presented. I know the extensive research and planning that you devoted to the development of this new program. Your concern for providing a relevant, meaningful presentation shows your commitment to excellence as a speaker. Every portion of the program was carefully scripted to demonstrate a point to give useful information for health care providers as we deal with the changes in our industry.

Karen Miller
Dir. Education and Training
Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

Well, you did it again. Nothing but compliments. And what fun everyone had learning how to accept change and even embrace it. You are a great presenter. We know people enjoy and remember best through examples done with humor. Besides, it is a whole lot more fun. But the best was having you invite 1100 women to come on stage and dance with you, and to my great surprise, a stage full of people took you up on it.

Judy Haecker
Co-Director - Women's Leadership Conference
Institute For Career Advancement Needs

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did presenting "Managing Change by Changing Your Tune" as part of our women's wellness lecture, "Understanding Life's Balancing Act: Success and Failure." Kathy, even though we have worked together on programs over the past seven years, this was my first time seeing this presentation. It was, like every other presentation I have seen you deliver, chock full of pertinent, practical advice for managing life's challenges -- and it was delivered in an hilarious, yet respectful tone. I look forward to working with you in the future as we plan additional lectures that focus on health promotion and disease prevention.. You contribute more than medicine alone can provide for maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Deans P. Lynch
Dir. Marketing Services
St. John's Mercy Medical Center

You are more than just a speaker. You are an entertainer who makes people laugh and sets them free to dance in the aisles. You are a therapist in providing practical advice for managing life's challenging changes.

Shari E. Johnson
Director - Sales Support and Operations
Lexmark International, Inc.