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A Seat at the Buffet

Challenging Life's Unwritten Rules

Audience: all audiences

"Face reality." "Be yourself." "Stick to your guns." "You have to learn the hard way." Oh yeah? Says who?

We were taught to live by the rules--but whose rules? Where did the rules come from? And why have we never questioned them? It is time we examine them because they hold us back, dampen our enthusiasm, and stifle our creativity.

Do away with false assumptions, worthless expressions, and robotic behaviors that limit joy and keep you from realizing success on your own terms.

A SEAT AT THE BUFFET is a delightful presentation designed to shed light on unconscious beliefs and habits that restrict living life to the fullest. Participants will learn to:

  • uncover hidden rules and false perceptions
  • break self-imposed habits that limit success and happiness
  • shift perspective to cope with life's challenges
  • focus on adding pleasure to each day
  • expand options by living with intention

Kathleen Passanisi's insightful, eye-opening program is perfect for those who want to break free from a life that is dull, uninspired, or off track.

Life will be richer and much more fun when you have the guts to take "A SEAT AT THE BUFFET."

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A Seat At The Buffet

A Seat at the Buffet Feedback:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Selecting you made me look like a genius! Everyone was singing praises about your presentation, "A Seat at the Buffet." One remark best sums up how our group responded—Kathy Passanisi was just perfect. She had us laughing and really thinking about those "rules" of our lives. Her message will stay with me for a long time. Another suggested we make you our permanent keynote speaker!

Your message was as important as it was entertaining. I am especially grateful that you took such care to know your audience so well. I hope we will have many more opportunities to work together.

Patty Viverito
St. Louis Organizing Committee Chair
National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators

Kathleen made a significant effort to understand the mission of the YWCA incorporating this and the focus of the association in her presentation. Her expertise at striking a balance between disseminating this message while lacing it with humor was remarkable and captivated her listeners. Her presentation was splendid and she is extremely entertaining. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing her services.

Vicki I. Yamasaki
President - Board of Directors
YWCA of Indianapolis