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Humor, Hope, and Healing

Immunize Against Stress

Audience: for anyone coping with stress post 9/11

Stress is a worldwide epidemic1. And few know how to cope with it.

Long-term stress makes us vulnerable to illness, weakened relationships, and feelings of hopelessness. Although there are no quick fixes, there are ways to build resiliency, and they are a lot easier and much more fun than you imagine.

The best way to cope with stress is from the inside out-not the outside in.

HUMOR, HOPE AND HEALING offers insights and techniques for using positive humor to cope with life's unavoidable challenges. Research confirms the therapeutic role that humor and laughter can play in health-especially cardiovascular wellbeing.2 Participants learn how to use laughter and humor to:

  • protect and enhance physical and emotional health
  • recognize symptoms of "hurry sickness" and "worry sickness"
  • employ "stress buffers" to reduce anxiety, tension, stress, and burnout
  • open lines of communication and build support systems
  • cope with unanticipated change
  • tap into the dynamic power of hope

You cannot always control what happens, but you can learn to control how you respond.

HUMOR, HOPE AND HEALING is designed to provide you with a new perspective and valuable tools for surviving and thriving in difficult times. Act now to immunize against stress.

Kathleen is a licensed medical professional. Most of her presentations qualify for CEU/CME credit.

1. World Health Organization

2. Center for Preventative Cardiology - U. of Maryland

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Humor, Hope and Healing

Humor, Hope, and Healing Feedback:

Kath's greatest contribution to the [Boeing Executive] program has to be her presentation just one week after the tragedy of September 11th. She arrived at the Center with the revised program, ready to present to a group of 60 participants who were still shaken by the events of the previous week. Kath received an overwhelming welcome and her timing was perfect. She was like a one-person USO show. Neither the participants nor I will ever forget the gift of herself that she brought to us that night. Every time I have seen her since that evening I am reminded that it was Kathleen Passanisi who was our hero during a time where we needed to have someone help move us forward . . . And she did it with a style that no other can.

Pat Arruda
Executive Coach
Boeing Leadership Center