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Add Life to Your Balance Sheet

Invest in Your Best Asset-Your People

Audience: can be modified for corporate audience.

An environment that fosters a balanced life is second only to good workplace relationships when it comes to attracting and retaining high-performing employees.1

Today's workers want a full life - whether they are 25 or 65 years old. And with tough competition for talent, it is vital that companies focus on what motivates people. Salary and benefits alone are not enough. Neither is flextime, nor a forty-hour workweek. Understanding and respecting each employee's values and needs, then aligning them with the company's mission, is the vital driver to success for everyone.

People living balanced lives flourish and so do the companies that employ them.

A sense of balance and contentment comes from using one's time, energy, and talent in ways that add meaning to life. Using powerful insights and proven techniques, ADD LIFE TO YOUR BALANCE SHEET teaches people how to do just that. Realize measurable results as participants learn to:

  • achieve personal hardiness and wellbeing
  • prevent burnout
  • foster a supportive environment
  • utilize time, energy, and talent wisely
  • clarify both personal and team values and goals
  • harness the power of thought and emotion
  • design and live a more harmonious life

ADD LIFE TO YOUR BALANCE SHEET is a wise investment that pays big dividends for everyone.

Arrange for Kathleen Passanisi to customize a presentation for your group.

1. MetLife Employee Benefits Trend Study 2006

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Add Life To Your Balance Sheet