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It's Your Life—Choose Well

Living Life by Design

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More people live by default than by design.

Good choices are the foundation of living a happier, healthier, saner life. But most people get so bogged down in the endless details of everyday life that they never stop to think about the choices they are making-and the costly results.

Life can be a pleasure and much more satisfying when you consciously choose well.

IT'S YOUR LIFE-CHOOSE WELL is a presentation based on Kathleen Passanisi's book by the same title. It is grounded in good science and designed to get results. Participants will learn how deliberate choices:

  • improve physical health and hardiness
  • strengthen mental health through focused vision
  • bolster emotional health with laughter and play
  • enhance vocational health by turning a job into a career
  • promote social health by sustaining healthy relationships
  • foster spiritual health with character, ethics, and integrity
  • lead to a more harmonious life

Why sleepwalk through life? Wake up to the health and joy that are your birthright.

IT'S YOUR LIFE-CHOOSE WELL, presented by Kathleen Passanisi, will show you how to live the life you design.

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It's Your Life - Choose Well

It's Your Life—Choose Well Feedback:

Since we began working with you several years ago, we have grown to expect nothing but an outstanding presentation, and we have yet to be disappointed. We have learned to make arrangements prior to your appearances for a very large crowd, and are used to repeated requests from our guests to give you additional time and to have you return for future events.

Most importantly, your presentations are filled with wisdom, real life experiences as a health-care professional, and warmth. You have a true gift and we look forward to working with you for many years.

Darla Wertenberger
Director, Community Outreach
St. Luke's Hospital