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Humor for the Health of It

Immunize Against Stress

Audience: all types of health care professionals

Stress is a worldwide epidemic.1 Who is affected? And is it contagious?

In today's complex world, 80% of workers are stressed out; 50% say they need help managing stress.2 And in business, stress takes a toll on quality of care, morale, team work, and the bottom line. Humor can be a cost-effective and therapeutic tool in health care if your staff is trained to use it.

Designed specifically for health care groups.

HUMOR FOR THE HEALTH OF IT offers insights and techniques for using positive humor to cope with life's challenges. Research confirms the therapeutic role that humor and laughter can play in health-especially cardiovascular wellbeing.3 Realize measurable results as participants learn how to use laughter and humor to:

  • protect and enhance physical and emotional health
  • reduce anxiety, tension, stress, and burnout
  • open lines of communication and build rapport
  • facilitate learning and stimulate creativity
  • strengthen morale and teamwork
  • attract and retain good staff
  • improve patient satisfaction and bottom line

Laughter is great medicine-and it is FREE!

HUMOR FOR THE HEALTH OF IT is the perfect program for healthcare professionals who want to be resilient, energized, and joyfully healthy. Act now to immunize against stress. Humor and laughter enhance the healing environment-for patients and staff alike.

Kathleen is a licensed medical professional. Most of her presentations qualify for CEU/CME credit.

1. World Health Organization

2. Attitudes in the American Workplace - Gallup Poll

3. Center for Preventative Cardiology - U. of Maryland

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Humor for the Health of it

Humor for the Health of It Feedback:

My late friend and colleague, Norman Cousins, would have loved Kathleen Passanisi's use of humor and positive emotions to help professionals reduce stress and enhance enjoyment in their work. Kathy's infectious joy transforms exasperations of everyday life into an opportunity to have fun without exploiting the vulnerabilities of other persons. We laughed together not at each other.

William J. Winslade, Ph.D., J.D.
James Wade Rockwell Professor of Philosophy in Medicine
U. of Texas Medical Branch
Institute for the Medical Humanities

Your presentation surpassed everything we had anticipated at our Physicians Retreat which included physicians, administrators, corporate personnel and spouses. Your ability to tailor a two-hour presentation to meet the criteria for everyone in the group was SPECTACULAR! In a room full of egos your presentation was able to relieve tension and poke fun at the medical profession because of your membership in that profession.

Judy Davis
Meeting Planner
Paracelsus Healthcare Corporation

It never ceases to amaze me how you can so skillfully accomplish the purpose of your engagement and leave people feeling so much better about themselves and making them much more productive and happier in their work lives.

John S. Dubis
St. Mary's Health Center

The audience included a diverse group of professional backgrounds who are engaged in a highly complex and rapidly changing industry. Your ability to reach all of them with the universal language of laughter was evident throughout as well as the positive 'buzz' and feedback afterwards. Speaking on behalf of an institution with hundreds of endowed professorships, scholarships and lectures, it is my opinion that an endowed Passanisi lecture series would be a fitting tribute to your talent and your message and a welcome tonic for our hard working staff.

Lee F. Fetter
Associate Vice Chancellor
Washington U. School of Medicine

Our audience encompassed a wide variety of healthcare professionals, both genders, and numerous ethnic groupings. Your presentation was able to reach the diverse senses of humor represented in the group. It ended our day on an upbeat but never flirted with merely being a stand-up comedy routine. These are serious people adapting to, or in some cases resisting, serious change in their professional environment. You gave them tools with which to do that and suggestions for re-framing their approach.

Sharon LaRue
Provider Services SLU Care