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Humor at Work

Laughter as a Profit Center

Audience: working people (corporate, association, HR, etc)

Humor is no joke when it comes to the bottom line.

Stress costs American companies $300 billion a year.1 This is no laughing matter. In most companies, a dizzying pace, increasing demands and constant change are the status quo. But humans are not wired to withstand so much pressure. Eighty percent of workers are stressed out; fifty percent say they need help managing stress.2 Companies need to act quickly to deal with escalating health care issues, dwindling productivity, and increasing employee retention costs.

Protect your staff with the skills they need for coping with stress.

HUMOR AT WORK is a delightfully different program that offers insights and techniques for using positive humor as a buffer to the pressures of life. Laughter truly is good medicine. Research proves that businesses, clients, and staff benefit when employees learn to use humor and laughter to:

  • relieve stress
  • boost creativity and productivity
  • improve customer service
  • encourage better teamwork and higher morale
  • enhance communication skills
  • cope with change
  • make conscious choices that improve the quality of life

Transform your enterprise by making laughter your new profit center.

Supercharge your people. Kathleen Passanisi can help you create a culture where everyone thrives. Companies that desire dedicated employees, great morale and fabulous outcomes will profit from HUMOR AT WORK.

1. American Institute of Stress (2005)

2. Attitudes in the American Workplace - Gallup Poll

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Humor at Work

Humor at Work Feedback:

The two sessions you did for us with our claims and customer service officers, managers and supervisors continue to create excitement and conversation in our organization. You have been of immeasurable assistance in lowering stress levels and helping folks stabilize relationships. I'd certainly recommend you to anyone who feels that his/her workplace and environment were suffering from excessive workloads and the subsequent associated stress. I think that probably includes just about everyone I know!

Ray Angeli
VP Subscriber Services Division
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois

Kathleen Passanisi's presentation on "Humor In The Workplace" as part of Bausch & Lomb's Speaker Showcase series was evaluated by the attending executives to be one of the best presentations ever given at Bausch & Lomb. The substance and style of her presentation was excellent. Her engaging demeanor encouraged interaction and her consistent linking of her presentation to statistical databases and research provided a very professional yet fun environment for the participants. We highly recommend her without reservation.

Clay H. Osborne
Director - Strategic Staffing
Bausch & Lomb

Your presentation was so much fun! As you know our participants were all CEO level with years of training under their belts. Your obvious expertise and impressive store of knowledge, not to mention fabulous stories, kept our group engaged and interested the entire afternoon. We want to thank you for taking the time to meet and visit with our participants prior to your workshop. Your wonderful, warm, inclusive personality and the personal touches you added to your presentation ensured that the retreat would be a huge success.

Linda H. Bailey
The Academy for Leadership
Memphis, TN