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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew-Life In The Sandwich Generation

The Role of Humor in Caring for Caregivers

Audience: specifically for baby boomers, well-received by senior and Generations X, and Y as well

"The role of care giving is potentially an occupational hazard, and its demands place caregivers at risk for psychological and physical problems."1

Nearly one-quarter of Americans are caring for an older relative while still dealing with kids, jobs, and the inevitable challenges of middle age. Humor can play a valuable role in easing tension, enhancing sensitivity, dealing with the unavoidable, bearing the unbearable, surviving the inevitable, and adding joy to everyday life in "the sandwich generation."

Private industry loses as much as 29 billion dollars a year on reduced worker productivity due to eldercare responsibilities. Especially hard hit are women.2

Kathleen Passanisi speaks from years of experience as the "ham" in a multigenerational household. In BITING OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW she shares challenging experiences and effective ideas for strengthening family bonds, as well as forming critical networks for coping with the challenges of care giving. Participants will learn to:

  • appreciate the scope and impact of "sandwich generation" issues
  • recognize the "collective consciousness" that shapes each generation
  • predict "potholes and minefields" when dealing with various age groups
  • utilize laughter to relieve stress and increase energy
  • enhance communication and coping skills with humor
  • strengthen family bonds by celebrating your humor history
  • live more joyfully in the present moment

"Relish" your role as a caregiver.

BITING OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW is a great program for any caregiver who wants to be calmer, healthier, and more resilient-and for any company who wants to help employees while safeguarding the bottom line.

1. American Medical Association

2. Metlife Caregiving Study

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Sandwich Generation

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew-Life In The Sandwich Generation Feedback:

You showed an insightful understanding of the plight of those of us who are caring for both our parents and our children. Your personal stories really highlighted the points that you wanted to make and your compelling, comic delivery kept us all engaged and excited to hear your next thought.

I am a Family Psychologist and I hope that I have the opportunity to send those of my patients, colleagues and friends that are in the "sandwich" position to hear you give this presentation. It is the rare occasion that we can find a way for our patients and friends to learn, gain insight and enjoy themselves, all at the same time.

Ed Dunkelblau, Ph.D.
Association For Applied and Therapeutic Humor
Approved Supervisor,
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Your talk on the "sandwich generation" was very informative and entertaining. Our audience of 600 plus women covers a large age span but you were able to make each person think you were speaking directly to her.

Irene Mahr
Program Director
Town Hall of Morris New Jersey