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Ladies, Life, and Laughter

The Role of Humor in Keeping Women Healthy, Happy, and Sane

Audience: humor for women

Women are more likely to worry and less likely to be happy, especially between the ages of thirty and fifty.1

Ask a woman of any age what causes her stress and she will ask how much time to have to listen. But ask what the remedy is and her eyes glaze over as she ponders the question. For most women, life is usually crammed with pressures, obligations, and an unrelenting schedule.

Good news! An antidote is available around the clock-and it is FREE. Kathleen Passanisi is particularly gifted in finding the humor in hassles and challenges facing women. If the stress in your life makes you want to cry, she will help you learn to laugh instead. No kidding.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you ruined your mascara?

Hilarious and heartwarming, LADIES, LIFE AND LAUGHTER was created to help women of every age learn to use laughter and humor to:

  • relieve tension and stress
  • enhance coping skills
  • alter perspective to survive life's challenges
  • prevent "awfulizing" and its negative consequences
  • strengthen relationships
  • live more joyfully in the present moment

Research proves it. Laughter really is good medicine.

LADIES, LIFE AND LAUGHTER is a great program for any woman who wants to be happier, healthier, and more resilient. Life can be easier and a lot more fun when you know how to fill it with laughter and humor.

1. Poll by Pursuant, Inc. for New York Academy of Medicine and the National Assn. of Social Workers 2006

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Ladies, Life and Laughter

Ladies, Life, and Laughter Feedback:

Your talent for finding humor in real life situations kept our women agents' heads bobbing in recognition and agreement. The woman sitting next to me laughed so hard, tears streamed down her face for the better part of the 75 minutes. Above all, WIN taught us how important it is for women agents to share their experiences, to feel connected to each other and to our Companies. Your contribution toward that feeling is tangible and can be measured in the agents' increased well-being and resulting sales.

Janel Heulskamp
Mutual of Omaha Companies

The 11th annual Woman's Health Conference in Spokane, Washington was an overwhelming success! Your breakfast keynote presentation and workshop were wonderful and all responses were very complimentary (to the point of "glowing")! On a scale of 1 to 4 there were a few 4's but there were so many '***' and 'XXX' and '+++' after the 5's that the final result was a rating far beyond a 5 on your presentations!

Mary Ann Jurgensen
Coordinator - Women's Health Center
Holy Family Hospital - Spokane

Ready for a healthier life? Help is just a phone call away. Kathleen Passanisi combines education, experience, research and a whole lot of perspective to help your group make healthier life choices. With humor that will leave you holding your sides, she is able to place the most serious bump-in-the-road life event in perspective.

Our women asked for her year after year knowing that she would offer them a fresh and honest look at the journey of life. I highly recommend her to your group, whether corporate or community. Kathleen is a 'real' down-to-earth person who knows her audiences and relates well to them. She would be an excellent gift for you to present to your group.

Patricia Thomas, M.A., MCM
Director (ret.), Joan H. Michelson Women's Resource Center
Summa Health System - Akron, OH