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Lightening Life's Load with Laughter

Immunize Against Stress

Audience: lay audience—good for married couples, spouse programs, general entertainment

Stress is a worldwide epidemic.1 You are affected. How high a price are you paying?

In today's complex world, stress is accepted as a part of life. Most people can recite a list of what their stressors are, but few have solutions for handling them. In fact, people are so overwhelmed that 75 to 90% of doctor visits are stress related. That adds up to a lot of time and money, not to mention a reduced quality of life. But there is hope and it is more fun than you might imagine.

Research is confirming the positive impact that humor and laughter can play in health.2

Let internationally recognized speaker and therapeutic humor expert, Kathleen Passanisi, teach you how to easily and effectively navigate life's potholes and minefields. Both hilarious and heartwarming, in LIGHTENING LIFE'S LOAD WITH LAUGHTER participants will learn to use humor and laughter to:

  • bolster cardiovascular health
  • develop a comic vision as a coping skill
  • recognize toxic humor and eliminate it
  • exercise areas of the brain that increase creativity
  • strengthen relationships through shared laughter and a humor history
  • improve quality of life by adding joy to each and every day

A merry heart really is good medicine-and you can't overdose on laughter.

Whether you are a man or a woman, single or married, young, or getting older, you will leave with a lighter heart, a healthier perspective, and tools for living a more joyful life-NOW, not someday.

1. World Health Organization

2. Center for Preventative Cardiology - U. of Maryland

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Lightening Life's Load with Laughter

Lightening Life's Load with Laughter Feedback:

There are a few people in the world who touch our lives with such profoundness as Ms. Passanisi. It is my hope that her message will stay with all of us for the months to come. How often we forget that we are here on earth to live a full active life. Those who remember to enrich their lives with humor are those who truly understand what life is all about. As I look forward to the rest of the Town Hall Season I know I have had the most positive beginning imaginable.

Jean Hodges
General Principal
Town Hall of Denver

Your rave reviews from the evaluation forms completed by the 276 attendees unanimously agreed—"superior, amazing, tremendous, uplifting, concrete and constructive ideas, hilarious;" and the list of superlatives goes on and on. There was not one—NOT ONE!! negative comment about your presentation. The one big complaint—three and a half hours is not enough, they want MORE next time!

Kathy Arnold
Regional Training Specialist
Idaho Health and Welfare

We deal with so much depression and misfortune. You lifted us all up—enriched us with laughter, warmth, and compassion. You took a room full of stressed-out, burned-out people and put smiles on their faces, quickened their steps and lifted their hearts. We feel the aftershock of your delivery.

Cindy Webster
Child Welfare and Counseling Services
Lutheran Family & Children's Services

It's official. The 200+ people who attended "Lightening Life's Load with Laughter" at our Annual Partners' Meeting last month have declared you "The Bo Derek of Speaking"—a perfect 10. Every single person in your audience rated your performance as "excellent"...or better! We could not be happier. You made the committee members look like geniuses for booking you.

Brad Frick
General Principal
Edward Jones