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Open and on-going communication

Good communication is paramount to great event planning. We're only a phone call away so we encourage you to give us a call anytime you have a question, concern, or request and we'll do the same. E-mail is fine for some things, but a two-way conversation or conference call is preferable to make sure we're always on the same page. Contact us at 636-561-2516. The New Perspectives office is in Lake Saint Louis, MO, which is in the Central Time zone. If you leave a voice mail message, please let us know how we can help, where we can reach you, and the best times to do so.

Clearly defined, mutually agreed upon goals

A great program hits a pre-set target that we've defined together. We'll want to know all about your group and what you are trying to accomplish with this event. We'll ask you to complete a Pre-Program Questionnaire and we'll follow up with a phone call so Kathy can customize the material to an exact fit. Often, changes occur during the planning process. 9-11 is a great example—so is a layoff, a merger, or the change in the health status of a well-known employee. Please keep us updated so that Kathy can be sensitive to your issues and keep her content relevant and appropriate.

We'll need you to be as thorough as possible. Our job is so much easier when you give us clear directions, specific times, emergency contact numbers, etc. See the Event Planner's section for more information.

Attention to detail and deadlines

Please let us know what you need well in advance of your deadlines. M.J. Ruff, our "right arm/left brain" office administrator, will help you with contracts, PR material, photos, information on programs, book sales and signings, Kathy's calendar, travel details, costs, room setup, audiovisual requirements, introductions, etc.


Kathy welcomes the opportunity to get a real feel for the group she'll be addressing. If time allows, she is happy to listen to another speaker, join the group for a reception/meal, or visit your facility. She will want to talk with key members of your group for input, mingle with audience members, and meet her introducer prior to her presentation.

You'll usually find that audience members want the chance to talk with Kathy once she has spoken. She is delighted to answer questions, listen to their stories, serve as a resource, and get feedback.

Her popular books and cds can be made available for sale at your event. Kathy is always happy to do a book signing. Volume discounts are available with presales.

Attention to costs

Higher costs do not always reflect higher quality and we are committed to providing high value in return for our fees. We're experts on how to use Kathleen Passanisi to your best advantage and to get the best value for your money. Kathy can provide a breakout session in addition to a keynote, facilitate a panel discussion, or serve as an emcee. If it serves to boost your attendance or get your message out, Kathy can help by participating in print, radio, or television interviews.

In addition to speaking fees, reimbursable fees include: meals, lodging, ground transportation, air travel, or mileage for car travel.

Part of the fun of traveling to new places and meeting interesting people is sharing the experience. Often MJ, Peter, or Annie will accompany Kathy. Rest assured, you will not incur any of their expenses. However we do appreciate it when you invite them to your reception, banquet, or special event when appropriate. We are happy to cover the cost.