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Movere: (mo - vair - ay)

from the Latin meaning "to move," "to compel to action"

About Movere Publishing

Are you interested in writing and publishing books that will enhance your professional image and increase the value of your business, but don't know where to start? Look no further than Movere Publishing, founded by Peter Passanisi.

Kathleen is delighted to do a book signing at your event.

An expert in project management with a passion for books, Peter will be happy to discuss your ideas and help make your book a reality.

Just think how delighted you will be to see your wonderful book in print; how excited you will feel to be signing your book for appreciative readers; and the satisfaction you'll feel as your income grows.

Movere Publishing can guide you through the processes of:
  • crafting the vision for your book
  • developing the conceptual design of your book
  • developing an implementation plan and cost estimate
  • assembling the required talents and resources for artwork, printing, etc.
  • overseeing the book design and production
  • devising a book marketing strategy

Contact Movere Publishing

Peter Passanisi
Movere Publishing
9 Stone Falcon Court
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367-2234
636-561-2520 (fax)