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Q: What Can You Tell Me About Kathy's Presentations?


Kathy's work stems from a six-dimensional wellness model: physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual health. All of her presentations are carefully crafted to provide a broad range of benefits in these areas. Topic areas include the therapeutic value of humor, wellness, life balance, stress management, and coping with change.

Presentation Style

Kathy does not stand behind a lectern or read from a prepared script. Audiences connect quickly and easily with Kathy because she is down-to-earth and her presentations are peppered with real-life stories that they can relate to. Kathy is approachable. She points no fingers and poses no threat. This guarantees a high level of audience involvement and more laughter than anyone has experienced in a long time.

Presentation Length

Kathy's presentations run between 40 and 120 minutes, though her preference is 75-90 minutes. Breakout sessions typically run one to two hours.

Placement on the Agenda

Kathy can jump-start your meeting by serving in the opening keynote spot. Starting with something fun and unexpected helps the audience shift gears, relax, and be more receptive. It sets the tone for a high-energy, interesting, and enjoyable experience.

Kathy can keep the energy flowing after lunch when audiences are most likely to be less attentive. Or, she can serve as the closing speaker, wrapping up the day's events and sending people out on a high note.

Kathy is happy to speak before or after a meal but please do not schedule her to speak while people are eating.


"I feel like she's been looking over my shoulder for a month!" That's a typical comment you'll hear after Kathy has spoken. Material that has truly been customized to the group hits home in a very effective way. Most of Kathy's work is done before she ever walks on the stage. Well in advance of the program, she will work with planners, committee members, participants, etc. to understand the group's culture and needs, to define goals, and to suggest how she best can be of service. Planners will be asked to complete a pre-program questionnaire Kathy designed to provide her with the information she'll need.