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Q: What Kinds of Audio-Visual Equipment Does Kathy Need?

Audio-Visual, Staging, and Seating Recommendations

It is the client's responsibility to arrange for the audiovisual equipment that Kathy requests.

Kathy can adapt to almost any location. We will provide you an audio-visual, staging/seating request in writing, or you may download the documents from this website.

Every audience will have its share of visual learners. Unless Kathy is doing a presentation that is strictly for entertainment, she will likely use an LCD projector for visuals. Although she's a "MAC person in a PC world," she rarely has a problem with compatibility. Just in case, we will want to speak directly to the audio-visual professional handling the meeting.

If you prefer to use your own computer, we will be happy to send Kathy's presentation to you on a CD well in advance of the meeting to make sure it runs smoothly. Since Kathy's programs are protected by copyright, we will ask you to return the CD after the event. Please do not copy the program without written permission.

Download a helpful PDF here - Audiovisual, Staging, Seating Suggestions