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Q: How Much is it Going to Cost?

Fees and Reimbursable Expenses

NEVER SAY NEVER. There are a lot of creative ways to cover Kathy's costs. The best thing to do is call and tell us what you're hoping to accomplish. The New Perspectives staff is happy to discuss ideas with you.

Fees are based on what you need Kathy to do. Understandably, a "from scratch" one-time-only presentation will run higher than a program that requires minimal customizing. There are cost breaks for multiple presentations at the same event or for series work contracted at the same time. Breakout sessions added to a keynote address usually run half the price of the keynote.

Additional expenses include coach airfare (usually from St. Louis), lodging, meals, and ground transportation. A refundable coach ticket will be purchased unless a specific arrangement has been agreed upon by the client and Kathy. We will make every effort to work within your budget and are often able to make cost-saving suggestions.

Increasing Cost Effectiveness / Adding Value

Consider using Kathy for more than one presentation. You might invite the entire staff rather than just a select group. Include spouses, customers, vendors, or partners. The size of the audience doesn't affect the cost. The more, the merrier.

Host a book sale and signing. Kathy will happily donate back a portion of the profits to any not-for-profit group.

Taping Fees

Taping is not permitted without advanced written agreement. There is usually an additional cost. Please contact us for complete information.

Contracting Kathy through a Bureau

Rest assured that if you contract Kathy's services through a bureau you will not pay any additional expense compared to booking Kathy directly. Both methods work well for the same price.